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Isaiah Rashad’s ‘Cilvia Demo’ was named after his ’95 Honda Civic

Isaiah Rashad's 'Cilvia Demo' was named after his '95 Honda Civic

Isaiah Rashad named his debut studio album ‘Cilvia Demo’ after his 1995 Honda Civic.

On January 28, 2014, Isaiah Rashad released his project Cilvia Demo under TDE. During a now-deleted interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Rashad talked about his hometown Chattanooga, TN, his ’95 Honda Civic which he named Cilvia, moving to Los Angeles, his inspirations, almost selling drugs, moving to LA, and more. He described how he named his debut critically acclaimed project after his old hooptie, his 1995 Honda Civic.

Isaiah Rashad had previously rapped about the car on his 2012 song “Gusto” saying “I just ride around in my Bentley, it’s a Civic” and on 2013’s Part III saying “I probably made a baby off in that Honda Civic, After I dropped my baby off in that Honda Civic”.

In a 2014 feature with Pitchfork, Isaiah Rashad told them, “I like to write in the car.”, which he refers to his 1995 Honda Civic.

You can see the same car in his music video for the project’s 5th track Ronnie Drake ft. SZA.