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OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson’ is about Erykah Badu

In 1997, Seven Benjamin was born to André 3000 of OutKast and Erykah badu. Soon after, the couple broke up. It turns out the hot song “Ms. Jackson is about the situation. Three stacks broke it down in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I probably would never come out and tell Erykah’s mom, ‘I’m sorry for what went down.’ But music gives you the chance to say what you want to say. And her mom loved it. She’s like, ‘Where’s my publishing check?'”

André 3000 of OutKast

Ms. Kolleen Maria Wright is Erykah Badu’s mom and apparently, she received the news well. Badu confirmed that this is true. “It was her [my mother’s] chance at stardom. She got the airbrushed ‘Ms. Jackson’ shirt, the bobble-head doll. It was on her screensaver. She had the ringtone. That was her chance, so I just let it be.”