Rap Scores is a fun Hip-Hop activity book

Rap Scores

Rap Scores: A Rap/Hip-Hop Gradebook by DailyRapFacts. Grade your favorite or least favorite Rappers, Rap Songs, and Rap Albums.

Scores is a fun activity book. Grade your favorite rappers, songs, and albums by bars, beats, creativity, originality, flow, features, and more. Grade each section with a number from 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest). The three categories are RAPPERS/RAP GROUPS, SONGS, and ALBUMS.

What categories are in a Rap Scores Gradebook?

  • Rappers/Rap Groups
  • Songs
  • Albums
Rap Gradebook
Rap Gradebook
Rap Scores Gradebook
Rap Scores Gradebook

Where can you buy a Rap Scores Gradebook? You can buy the book from our Official Store by clicking here or on Amazon by clicking here, or on Homign by clicking here.

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What does “TDE” mean?

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