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Megan Thee Stallion’s label boss claps back at rapper giving 1501 Certified Entertainment middle finger during performance


Megan and 1501 Certified Entertainment have been at it for a while

and her label 1501 Certified Entertainment have had a sour relationship since she signed a contribution deal with . The rapper and the label have been going back and forth both professionally and legally.

A clip from a May performance recently resurfaced showing Megan performing her song, ‘'Realer.'' In the video, the Texas rapper performs the lyrics, “Put some respect on my team (Huh) / I'm the 1501 queen (Ayy) / Bitch, you better learn who run it / 'Cause all this money gotta come through me,” but she skips the ‘'1501'' part and shows a middle finger instead.

1501 Certified Entertainment boss responded to Megan on Instagram this week. “See i really just be mining my … [face palm emoji] Nah F*ck U Seahorse [double red exclamation emoji],” he wrote on IG stories. “Song should be called Faker than Fake [smirk emoji].” Crawford also had a message for Meg's manager writing, “And F*ck T. Farris too u b*tch.”

Swipe to watch Megan calling out the label onstage.

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