Playboi Carti shows fans love in Switzerland


During the 2022 Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland this Wednesday (July 6), jumped in to save a couple of fans from being roughed up by security. After the scuffle, Carti kissed and hugged another male fan before disappearing off stage. The clip has gone viral. Later in the , he stopped to help the crowd to hydrate.

With regard to his sexuality, Carti told Highsnobiety, “I'm not going out my way to have people like, ‘Oh, what the fuck's Carti on? Is he gay, or is he trolling?' No, bro — I don't give a fuck. I'm being myself. I hate that I waited so long to be myself. I wish I came in like this.”

A couple of days earlier, Carti fell off the stage at the Wireless Festival in the UK. While his balance may be off, he seems to be having a good time sharing the love on tour.

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