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Kevin Abstract was born on July 16


When was Kevin Abstract born? Kevin Abstract was born on July 16.

BROCKHAMPTON founder was born on July 16, 1996. The rapper's real name is Clifford Ian Simpson and he is from Corpus Christi, TX. His early life was marked by separation from his family due to his sexuality. He started making at 11 and ran away at 15 then moved to to live with his sister. He's openly gay.

He founded in 2010 and is the creative mind behind the boy band from San Marcos, TX. The band played in 2022 and announced that they were splitting up and their final album would be out the same year.

In addition to his BROCKHAMPTON work, he's released several solo projects including MTV1987 and Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.


Guru was born on July 16


BROCKHAMPTON was originally called AliveSinceForever