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Brockhampton embraces the “boy band” persona more than ever on ‘Ginger’

Ginger cover art

It seems like the always-evolving group Brockhampton never stops to rest. , the latest effort by the self-proclaimed boy band, is already this group's fifth album to be released in the last two and a half years. One thing I have always appreciated about these guys is the fact that every album is so different; not only does all of their album have different underlying themes and meanings, every album pushes the envelope sonically in a way that is more intense than most other artists that are making these days.

On Ginger, seems to embrace a softer and more sweet side than they have in the past, with quite a few pop/ cuts that remind me of boy bands like LANY or AJR. Of course, because of artists like Joba and Merlyn, this record has plenty of intense moments as well; fans of the weird hardcore hip hop that Brockhampton has tended to make in the past will not be disappointed. Overall, Brockhampton continues to why they are so unique on Ginger, but they are continuing to find a way to make their weirdness more accepted in the mainstream.

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