Sheff G denies rumors that he’s being extorted in prison


Sheff G is in prison for weapon possession charges

rapper has been in prison since November 2021 when he was sentenced to 2 years after pleading guilty to weapon possession charges.

However, the rapper is in good spirits. On Sunday (August 28), Sheff left a message on Instagram thanking his fans for support while making it clear he's not having a hard time living with other inmates in the general population.

“I done hurd I turn this and that .. done
hurd im getting extorted and allat lies and rumors that the broke dirty and worthless has made up Imao, whats next?” He wrote under his mugshot on IG.

“Niggas better ask anyone they kno up in these upstate prisons about me ! , million dollar nigga chilling in general population never been disrespected without the boomerang effect, all yu got is ya name and ya word .. and my name would never be tainted, my reputation speaks for itself… mr front line action … mr movie himself!”

He continued, “The face of a real nigga yu hurd …. free all my guys, they say if yu dont got no haters yu aint doing nun right , lol.. shout out to my whole label, my album went number 1, and we got more than over 16 plaques coming in , all behind bars shout out to us
winners circle … shout out my fans i love yall ill be back soon.”

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