Blueface says he’s Chrisean Rock’s “daddy now” after knocking out her father


Blueface has his girlfriend's backing in the situation with her dad

A video surfaced online Friday night (September 16) showing entering into an altercation with a man who appears to be his girlfriend Chrisean Rock's dad. Blueface punched Rock's dad in the face sending him to the ground.

Moments later, the California rapper hopped on Instagram story trolling his girlfriend's pops with the caption, “I'm her daddy now.

Rock is taking her boyfriend's side in the conflict. She took to social media to justify the whooping. “The same dad [that] got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mama up in da woods just to beat her cause she screem so loud in the house when he beated her in front of us,” she ranted in a since-deleted tweet. “So he went out his way to damage my whole family that same dad I met when I was seven.”

She added, “Somebody was been supposed to knock [that] nigga out a long time ago.”

“What hurts da most ion have nothing to do this shit for I was doing it for my family.”

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