Antonio Brown is being sued for using Lil Wayne’s name in $500k fraudulent business


Antonio Brown is also accused of trying to sell a fake Richard Mille watch

Footballer-turned-rapper is facing another lawsuit. According to the NY Post, a lawsuit was filed at Sarasota County Circuit Court against AB for using 's name in an attempt to defraud $178k from a Tampa company, Secure The Bag (STB) Entertainment, in a promotion deal. The lawsuit also states that tried to sell the owner Ryan Kane a fake Richard Mille watch.

The suit charges Brown with defamation and breach of contract.

“Now I know how the Raiders felt when they paid him [at least $1 million], and he never played a single game for them,” Kane said on Friday (October 7). “I gave him … a huge advance and an opportunity to make money legitimately, and all he did was walk off the field.”

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