Boosie Badazz talks his influence on hip-hop: says he pioneered “real n**ga shit”


Boosie Badazz believes he's had a major impact in the streets

It's no question Louisiana rapper is considered as one of the most legendary street rappers. From beating murder case and cancer to creating memorable anthems, has had his influence on the industry and he knows it.

During his latest interview on VladTV, the host brought up 's song “Too ” where he raps, “Too Boosie.” Kodak said, “I pistol-whipped a n*gga for forty minutes straight, too Boosie/I sent a few hits on n*ggas, I busted a play, too Boosie/I rocked a fade, too Boosie/Sipped purplе drank, too Boosie/How they forget , forgеt about me, forget about you, Boosie.”

Boosie then opened up about his thoughts on his place in the culture. “Ain't no n*gga ever in history ever raised more street n*ggas than me,” the “Set It Off” rapper said.

He added, “I've been around tons of rappers, their fans, ‘I love you, I love you.' None of their fans come up to them and say, ‘N*gga, you raised me. It's a difference.”

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