Roddy Ricch discusses if he asked for Drake’s help after recently being denied entry into Canada


Roddy Ricch had promised not to visit Canada “anytime soon” after he was blocked from crossing the border earlier this month

recently ran into a TMZ journalist whom she discussed with the incident when he was denied entry into Vancouver, , for a . The rapper was asked why the Federal Border Patrol were “tripping” on him.

“Police. You know what I'm saying,” Roddy responded. “They just was trippin' on me. They came on the tour bus tweakin' by the side.”

When questioned if his Canada fans shouldn't expect to see him “anytime soon” as he previously vowed, he promised to return but under one condition; the feds should stop harassing him at the border. “I love ‘em, you know what I'm saying. We gon' make sure we get to ‘em,” he added. “They just gotta make it right. They can't keep harassing us like that.”

Speaking on whether he reached out to for help, Roddy said, “Shout out to Drake. I think last time he made a couple of calls and he made it happen for us. But who knows?”

The rapper didn't forget to remind his fans that all they need as they await Christmas is his dropping this Friday (November 18), stating, “'Feed Tha Streets 3′ dropping this Friday, everybody need to get that.”

The California rapper was also stopped at the Canadian border in February but with a few calls by Drake, he was able to enter the country.

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