Ashanti recalls obtaining Biggie’s vocals for “Unfoolish”


Ashanti was excited to receive Big's vocals

's breakout hit “Unfoolish” featured vocals from The Notorious B.I.G's “Fuck You Tonight” and ended up putting the singer in the limelight. During an appearance on Debut Live Monday (December 19), Ashanti remembered how thrilled she was when she was given the go-ahead to use the vocals.

“Gosh I'll never forget. We went down to the office – this is when Harve [Pierre] was down in the basement,” she recounted. “That's where all the B.I.G. stuff was. I remember going down there and it felt like we had like, a prize. You know? It was his vocals!

“And the fact that they gave us the okay to use his verse… And again, me being a new artist!” the 42-year-old added. “You know, I haven't sold any records yet. The fact that they gave us his verse was an amazing accomplishment.”

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