Takeoff’s murder suspect reportedly googled how to get fake passports and if he was a suspect


Take's accused killer allegedly tried to find out if he was a suspect

The suspect in 's murder Patrick Clark appeared in court on Wednesday (December 15) where some incriminating claims were made. According to Billboard, prosecutors claimed that Clark searched online several times how to obtain fake passports, and if he was a suspect in the crime.

The prosecutors believe that Clark was attempting to flee to Mexico, something his attorneys deny. They added that Clark will claim self-defense.

“We feel comfortable that when the time is right that Mr. Clark will have a valid and meritorious claim for self-defense,” Clark's lawyer Letitia Quinones said following the hearing.

Clark's defense tried to have the bond reduced from $2M to , but state District Judge Josh Hill lowered it to $1M under certain security conditions. Hill added that he considers reducing it to $300K in the next hearing.

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