Doe Boy on Kid Cudi’s relationship with Cleveland – ‘He was never there’


Doe Boy says Cudi is never willing to ‘connect with the city'

recently sat for a dialogue with Bootleg Kev where he shared a blunt opinion about fellow Cleveland rapper 's relationship with their hometown.

“I don't know that n-gga. Nobody I know in the city know that n-gga,” the Oh Really rapper said. “I can't tell you nothing about him. I mean, I know a couple of his songs and that is somebody that I would like to fuck with.

“But he was never there, he never wanted to connect with the city. At the end of the day, that's cool because that's your and you ain't obligated to do nothing.”

When asked if he'd get in the booth with Cudi, he added, “I don't know… I'd have to ask somebody what they think about that.” He continued, “I have wanted to work with him before, but when it gets to a certain point I'm like, ‘Alright.'”

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