Birdman explains how social media fuels violence in Hip Hop – ‘We was cool back then’


Birdman believes rap is a more dangerous venture now

has been around long enough to understand how has evolved over time. During a recent appearance on Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast, the Cash Money honcho responded to whether has softened up compared to the old days.

“Fuck no,” he declared. “We was cool back then without social media, now these young n-ggas killing — it's a different operation. You just got to know how to adjust either way. It's a different time, from then to now.

“Back then, we didn't have social media, so if you got a problem with a n-gga, who gon' know? ‘Cause you ain't making songs about no n-gga, but nowadays with social media, you got a problem, the whole world gon' know. It's just a different time and I just hope it get better, bro.”

Baby continued, “I don't want to see people losing their lives, 'cause that's happening. Even n-ggas rapping are not rapping. People really losing their lives over social media.”

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