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Fredro Starr used to be Rakim and Jam Master Jay’s barber

Before forming Onyx, Fredro Starr used to be a barber. Fredro would cut hair for Rakim, the late Jam Master Jay, Big Daddy Kane, and all the local drug dealers in Queens. Fredro Starr started working at Nu Tribe Barber Shop on Jamaica Avenue in Queens when he was 15 years old and always had long lines of people waiting for him to cut hair. Fredro Starr would design on heads and charge $50 a head.

Fredro Starr eventually joined Big DS, Sonee Seeza and his cousin Sticky Fingaz to form Onyx, and they signed to Jam Master Jay Records after they were discovered by Jam Master Jay, who would come in the shop to get his haircut.

Sticky Fingaz was a barber too.

In March 1993, Onyx released their debut album Bacdafucup.

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