What does “Thot” mean?

The term and slang “Thot” was popularized in Chicago, circa 2012 by Katie Got Bandz and Chief Keef.

Thot (T.H.O.T.) means “That Hoe Over There.” A Thot is a very promiscuous girl. The term ‘Thot’ is a noun and ‘Thotty‘ is an adjective.

Katie Got Bandz was the first rapper to use “Thot” when she released “Ridin’ Round and We Drillin” in 2012, the following year Chief Keef released “Love No Thotties”, officially coining the word ‘Thot‘. After that Thot has been used in over 500 rap songs and has been added to the Oxford dictionary to mean “a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.”

“Thot” has been used by Chief Keef, Migos, Blueface, Fat Trel, Juicy J, Kodak Black, Chance the Rapper, and many more rappers.

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