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Rap Dictionary App

Rap Dictionary App

Rap Dictionary: An A-Z Guide to Rap/Hip-Hop

The official FREE Rap Dictionary App helps you understand Rap/Hip Hop slang, phrases, lingo, acronyms, & more

The official Rap Dictionary app by DailyRapFacts

Hip Hop Dictionary App

Based on the Rap Dictionary Book

The official Rap Dictionary® App by DailyRapFacts®

Rap Dictionary is a FREE, simple, trusted, & accessible library of Rap/Hip-Hop terminology, slang, acronyms, phrases, lingo, ebonics, abbreviations, & more.

Continuously updated with 5,000+ terms & definitions used in Hip-Hop and Rap music, the RapDictionary.com dictionary app lets you look up & learn thousands of urban slang terms while improving your understanding of the culture. Optimized for both your iPhone and iPad.

Rap Dictionary App is an A-Z pocket resource based on RapDictionary.com & the Rap Dictionary book by DailyRapFacts®. Learn the language of Rap/Hip-Hop.

Trying to learn more about Rap & Hip Hop music? Then, this app is for you! Download the Rap Dictionary app for unlimited access to rap terms whenever and wherever you need them. Now you know what that word in that song means.

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