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YBN Cordae Originally Rapped Under the Moniker, Entendre

YBN Cordae didn’t always go under this rap moniker

YBN Cordae was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, before making his way to Suitland, MD. Cordae has grown into a star. Although it feels like an overnight situation, Cordae has been rapping for quite some time.

Before meeting the YBN collective a couple of years ago, Cordae’s original rap stage name was Entendre. He released three mixtapes: Anixety (2014), I’m So Anxious (2016), “I’m So Anonymous” (2017).

Entendre would put out music with his brother, Simba, and collab with other artists as well, like Adrian Stresow. He produced, mixed and mastered a ton of his own tracks during this time period.

Devoting a lot of time to working, going to school, writing and recording music, Cordae set himself for success with his time management skills.

The journey for Cordae took off when he put out a music video for “My Name Is,” a rendition to Eminem’s original. In response to J. Cole‘s “1985” track, Cordae responded to Cole with “Old N*ggas,” leading to viral moments on the internet.

Cordae has shown promise and the industry and spectators are not letting his talent fly off the radar. Already locked in with a Grammy nomination, the sky isn’t even the limit for Cordae.

Since changing his moniker to YBN Cordae, he’s released his debut, Grammy-nominated album, The Lost Boy, under Atlantic Records.