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Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith once robbed a KFC Kendrick Lamar’s dad was working at before they met


Kendrick Lamar‘s DUCKWORTH., the last song on his 2017 album DAMN. talks about 's father, Kenny “Ducky” Duckworth, & Anthony “” Tiffith, who Kendrick Lamar is signed to. The song is produced by .

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In 1984 Anthony Tiffith robbed a KFC Kenny Duckworth was working, Top Dawg spared Kenny “Ducky” Duckworth's life after taking a liking to him, when “Ducky” offered Top Dawg chicken. Years later, Anthony Tiffith would go on to start Top Dawg Ent. and unknowingly sign Duckworth's son, Kendrick Lamar, to his first record deal.

Kendrick Lamar confirmed this on Howard Stern's .

“……and Top Dawg liked your father and did not rob the KFC because of your dad… and now you're working with Top Dawg”

“True Story” Kendrick Lamar added

Kendrick Lamar also added that Top Dawg and his dad bring it up whenever they are around each other.

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