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Kanye West lived in China for a year at the age of 10 years old


Back in 1987, a then 10-year-old Kanye West lived in China for a year with his mother, Donda West, while she taught at Nanjing University as part of a foreign exchange program called the Fulbright Scholarship.

In a now deleted 2011 interview with Sabotage Times, spoke about his experiences in China, saying: “I think being in China got me ready to be a celeb because, at that time, a lot of Chinese had never seen a person. They would always come up and also stare at me, fishbowl me and everything. And that's kind of the way it is for me right now.”

To quote West on I'm In It, “Eatin' Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce.” Below is a photo of a young eating Chinese food with chopsticks in China.

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Kanye West China

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