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Dr. Dre’s First Solo Single “Deep Cover” was Snoop Dogg’s First Record Appearance

“Deep Cover” was Dr. Dre‘s first single released post-breakup with N.W.A. It’s also his debut single. It’s also notable to add that it’s the first record that we can find Snoop Dogg‘s appearance.

Recorded for the film Deep Cover, the song is also known by the title “187.” The song was released on April 9, 1992. Originally, “Deep Cover” was supposed to appear on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, but due to the negative effect of “Cop Killer” by Ernie C (lyrics by Ice T) and featuring the band Body Count, it was best that “Deep Cover” didn’t find a home on The Chronic.

“Deep Cover” served as Dr. Dre’s single on his First Round Knock Out, a compilation album.

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