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Tyler, the Creator worked at FedEX and Starbucks before fame

Tyler, the Creator used to work at Starbucks

Before fame, Tyler Okonma known famously as Tyler, the Creator, worked at Hawthorne, California Starbucks for two and a half years (2007-2010). Tyler tweeted a photo of his Starbucks partner card on Jan 3, 2019.

Tyler revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live on (June 11, 2015) that he had two other jobs before fame, His first job was at FedEx and lasted less than two weeks. “FedEx was so depressing….. There were just older dudes, like, just pushing boxes but OK with it and it scared the living hell out of me. So I quit after a week and four days.” Then Tyler worked at Starbucks for two years and a half years. “Starbucks was cool because I stole cheese danishes every day.”

A new manager named Cindy took over the Starbucks branch in which he was working and fired him. “This lady named Cindy, she was a new manager, she hated on me and she fired me and I hope she’s watching ’cause I still hate her,” Tyler said. “I hate you so much! I hate you, Cindy!…… Her firing me was the greatest moment of my life.”

Tyler recalled that a shift manager warned him 10 minutes before the firing, giving Tyler just enough time to call his mom, who wanted to sue Starbucks before she figured out they did nothing wrong. “I manned up and said, ‘All right, I’ll get fired,'” he said. “And I ate like three cheese Danishes.”

When Jimmy asked if he was a good employee, Tyler said: “I mean, I w-…look, hey, I was nice, I was cool with people, man, I liked talking to people, I didn’t kiss ass to the people who worked there and the manager and I think she found that intimidating,” Tyler, the Creator said. Also, I was the youngest there, so I had that attitude, like, ‘Worse comes to worse, I can find another job’ and I think she didn’t like that.”

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