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Tyler, The Creator originally wrote ‘EARFQUAKE’ for Justin Bieber or Rihanna but they both turned it down


Tyler, The Creator & Playboi Carti‘s first official collaboration ‘EARFQUAKE' has been the breakout song from Tyler, The Creator's latest album, IGOR, but Tyler didn't originally make the song for himself. During a full performance of the album in Los Angeles, Tyler told his fans he wrote ‘EARFQUAKE' with  in mind. When Justin Bieber passed on the record, Tyler pitched it to , who turned the song down as well.

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Tyler, the creator and Playboi Carti

Tyler told the crowd, “I made it in 2017. I wrote it for Bieber. He didn't take it, So I hit Rihanna's people up like, ‘Hey, I got this song. I would love for her to sing the hook. I think it'll be big.' I just want to write pop songs, honestly. I didn't hear back from them, so I left my [reference] vocals in.”

This isn't the first time Tyler has admitted to writing for another artist. In September 2017, Tyler said he was saving his Flower Boy record, ‘See You Again,' for ZAYN.

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