Common passed on the beat for Kanye West’s “Everything I Am” and “Heard ‘Em Say”

Common had the beats for Kanye West’s “Everything I Am” and “Heard ‘Em Say” and he passed on both of them.

The beats for “Everything I Am” and “Heard ‘Em Say” were both produced by Kanye West himself and Common passed on them on two different occasions.

During an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, Common revealed he regretted passing on ‘Heard ’Em Say’: “[Another] one of the beats I passed on—that I regret—is the song he did called ‘Heard ’Em Say,’ He made that beat for me in the studio. He was like, ‘Rash, you want this?’ I was like, ‘Man, it’s cool…’ He was like, ‘You sure? You want this?’ He gave me about 30 seconds to think if I wanted it; usually, I can sit with ’em. I said, ‘It’s cool.’ He said, ‘Man, I’m takin’ this, I’m gonna rap on it.’ He wrote the song in about 15 minutes.”

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