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Ice Cube directed the music video for Prince’s “Love Sign”


The video for Prince‘s “Love Sign” featuring Nona Gaye, the daughter of Marvin Gaye was directed by Ice Cube in 1994. didn't make a celebrity cameo but he directed the music video trying to get his start.

“Love Sign” was the first music video Ice Cube directed: “I directed a video for him when I was trying to get my feet wet in directing, He usually did performance videos, so it was cool to get him to act a little bit. So we shot this video where he was a DJ and she was an assassin coming to kill him, but when she saw him she fell in love with him and they went off and did what do.” Ice Cube told James Corden in 2016.

Most of the music video was shot at Paisley Park in Minnesota. Watch Prince's music video for “Love Sign”, directed by Ice Cube below.

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