What does “Finesse” “Finessed” or “Finessing” mean?


What does “Finesse” mean? and does it mean to Finesse or be Finessed?

The term “Finesse” is a noun that can also be used as a verb. A lot of people claim the term finesse as a slang started in Chicago, Illinois due to the drill scene. Migos and Speaker Knockerz were the first rappers to use finesse in 2013.

Finesse initially meant skill and manueving through a situation with ease but over time it's been used to mean stealing or taking something in a sneaky manner.

Finessed is a past tense of Finesse and it means you got what you were looking for skillfully or by tricking the other side.

Finessing means actively getting what you want by tricking the other side.

The term “Finesse”, “Finessed”, and “Finessing” has been used by Kendrick Lamar, , Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black, Drake, and many more rappers.

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