A playlist of 20 powerful protest songs for 2020


The Afromerican Project curated 20 protest songs into a playlist for the ages. May 25 was a fateful day this year. The events of Memorial Day sent shock waves through Minneapolis, MN and beyond. Since then, has reacted and a wave of protest has become the soundtrack to the summer.

Ready 4 Liberation Playlist

Lives Matter got the world's attention in a big way. Here is a collection of some new and some familiar tracks to help you stay motivated during the hot months. The protests may have taken a back seat to social distancing, but you can still fight the system in your own way with this playing in the background. Get ready for liberation with these timeless jams! It includes Kendrick Lamar, Bob Marley, , Lil Baby, Anderson Paak, , Solange, and more.

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What does “Top” and “Toppin'” mean in rap?

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What does “Bands” mean in rap?