Pop Smoke’s ‘Aim for the Moon’ was originally going to be a Travis Scott song

Pop Smoke's 'Aim for the Moon' was originally going to be a Travis Scott song

Pop Smoke‘s ‘Aim for the Moon’ ft. Quavo, off Pop’s posthumous album Shoot for the star, Aim for the moon, was originally going to be Travis Scott’s song.

During an interview with Complex, Pop Smoke’s manager Steven Victor revealed Aim for the Moon for Travis Scott’s record; “This was the first track that we knew was going to end up on the album. We were in a studio with Travis Scott, working on “Gatti” and a couple other songs. One of them was this record called “Aim for the Moon.” Pop was like, “Yo, this is fire. We’ve got to keep this for the album.” There were other records where we were like, “We should keep this for the album.” But that was the one record where everyone knew it was going on the album. Funny enough, I think it was supposed to be Travis’ record, and he just took it.” – Steven Victor told Complex.

Travis Scott and Pop Smoke collaborated on “GATTI” in 2019, which was off the JACKBOYS collective album.

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