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Rap to Africa – 9 talented artists with roots from Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone is known for diamonds and civil war but the bigger picture reveals that the African nation is the source of several talented artists. Like Nigeria and Ghana, Salone has an afrobeat vibe that lends itself perfectly to . Here are 7 artists with Sierra Leonian roots.

Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots

The Roots‘ original funky drummer Ahmir “” Thompson is descended from both the Mende and Temne tribes of Sierra Leone. He shared his African Ancestry results with OkayAfrica.

As mentioned, Tariq “ Thought” Trotter is of the Mende people. front man is well known for his lyrics and freestyle abilities.

Bajah and Dry Eye Crew

Bajah and the Dry Eye Crew had a minor hit with their dance song “Jacky, Jacky.” Their rap infused funk and dancehall vibes with political themes. The three-man group has a high-energy live that moves the crowd.


California artist-producer Jahsee Music is a member of the Temne A'Bara Nation as a descendant of Sierra Leone on his father's side.

Brother Portrait

This UK artist with Sierra Leonian roots is known across London and the diaspora. He is 1/3 of the collective known as Black/Other.

Kondi Band

This duo consists of musician Sorie Kondi and DJ Chief Boima. Kondi is a traditional style of thumb piano and vocals and Boima brings an updated sound to the table.

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