Two men have been charged in the 2002 murder of Jam Master Jay


's conspirators have been charged

While at a recording studio, Run-DMC's own Jam Master Jay was gunned downed in Jamaica Queens of , at the age of 37.

It's been 18 years since he was fatally shot, but it looks like justice is coming, as two men (Karl Jordan Jr and Ronald Washington) have been indicted on conspiracy to kill Jam Master Jay over a drug dispute.

Jam Master Jay allegedly transported kilos of cocaine from 1996-2002 while balancing his career. In July 2002 Jay had roughly 10 kilograms of cocaine, to which Washington, Jordan and others were supposed to distribute as the indictment states. It was then that Washington and a co-conspirator got into a dispute with Jay. Jay cut Washington out of the deal. Washington and Jordan conspired to kill Jay and led them to kill him on October 30, 2002, shooting Jay in the head and another man in the leg, the report states.

Karl Jordan was arrested on Sunday and will be arranged today (8/17/). Washington's arraignment will be for a later date.

“It was important to us then and remains extremely important to us now to bring justice for the victim, his family, friends and the community that cared so much about those events,” said Seth D. DuCharme, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

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