Pharrell and JAY-Z join forces for “Entrepreneur”

Pharrell and JAY-Z join forces for "Entrepreneur"

Pharrell and JAY-Z want us to root for ourselves

August 19 was the 17th anniversary of The Neptunes’ Clones album, the album that featured “Frontin‘” featuring JAY-Z. It’s a quick feature from JAY, but, it gets the job done, from start to finish. The two are known to have a dynamic unlike any other when it comes to making music together, and they show it off again, on “Entrepreneur.”

“The intention for a song was all about how tough it is to be an entrepreneur in our country to begin with,” Williams told Time. “Especially as someone of color, there’s a lot of systemic disadvantages and purposeful blockages. How can you get a fire started, or even the hope of an ember to start a fire, when you’re starting at disadvantages with regards to health care, education, and representation?”

The song lines up with Pharrell’s TIME magazine cover package, “The New American Revolution.”

Check out the track below:

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