Roddy Ricch says “album is coming soon as f**k”

Roddy Ricch appears to be ready to drop some new music

Roddy Ricch’s GQ profile didn’t leave much room for detail, in terms of when his next album would drop, but his Instagram Live story differs. While being on IG Live and talking to his fans, Roddy announced that his new “album is coming soon as f**k.”

In his interview with GQ, Roddy said his next album is “going to be a full blown masterpiece.” When asked when he would be releasing it, Roddy responded, could I drop a new album right now? Yes. Will I? No,” Roddy says in his interview with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green.

Roddy is nominated for two VMA awards for “Song of the Summer:” “Rockstar” with DaBaby and “The Woo” with Pop Smoke and 50 Cent.

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Roddy Ricch says “album is coming soon as f**k” •Roddy previously stated in his GQ Magazine interview his next album is going to be “a full blown masterpiece”

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