What does “Verse” mean?

What does "Verse" mean?

What do rappers mean by “Verse”? What is a “Verse”?

The term “Verse” is a noun which is used by rappers in rap/hip-hop music to represent their lines or bars in a rap song.

A Verse is a section filled with lines or bars on a rap song.

A verse usually has at least a minimum of 8 bars or lines. A verse can be 8 bars, 16 bars, 24 bars, 32 bars or more.

The term “Verse” has been used by Kanye West, J. Cole, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Drake, Schoolboy Q, Tyler, the Creator, Nicki Minaj, Machine Gun Kelly, and many more rappers.

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