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PRICE’s ‘CLRD’ album is only his arrival — there’s more (Interview)

PRICE talks new album ‘CLRD,’ business ventures and the black experience in America

PRICE is one half of the rap duo, Audio Push. As much of a force as they are together, they’re still individual artists. The Inland Empire songwriter, producer, rapper would describe it as a Kobe and Shaq dynamic: respectfully thriving apart, but when they come together, the game is taken to a higher level. 

PRICE has just released his first solo body of work, CLRD, a history lesson that will inspire black people to trace their history and set confident tracings for the present and future. PRICE’s pen has been pushed for many (Travis Scott, Mariah Carrey, etc) and it’s refreshing to see his song making capabilities turn in his own direction. 

We caught up with PRICE over a Zoom call to talk about his new album CLRD, his many business ventures, and more. He even owns a food truck that he shows us during the interview. 

Check it out below: