NLE Choppa says he’s being blackballed after his “Paradise” music video was taken down by YouTube

NLE Choppa isn’t going for the blackballing of his video

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa has recently been taking a different way of life, encouraging his fans to focus on protecting their bodies, minds and souls. Despite all the positivity Chop is trying to embrace, he is also facing some troubling issues in the industry.

After recently selling 6k units in the first week with his ‘From Dark To Light’ album, the 18-year old’s music video “Paradise” was deleted by YouTube. The visuals were uploaded on the giant video-sharing platform yesterday only to be taken down a few hours later. The song contains some lyrics where Chop calls the Corona virus fake. “Ain’t wearin’ no mask, n**ga, f*ck the pilot
Fake-ass coronavirus, cops killin’, startin’ riots,” raps the ‘Top Shotta’ rapper. Some think these lyrics may be the reason the video was taken down but it’s not clear if this is the case.

If you’ve had NLE on your radar for the past few months, then you must have noticed that he has become more of a spiritual rapper. The young MC has even been making some ‘prophetic’ allegations, at some point claiming that the sun won’t be coming out for three days in the near future. You can check out some of the crazy tweets below.