Asian Doll Says There Was No Beef Between King Von & NBA YoungBoy Prior To His Death


says wasn't an “opp” to

Ever since King Von passed away, his ex girlfriend Asian Doll has been speaking volumes about him and the relationship they had. Let's not forget she has also been sharing a lot of their memories on social media. This time round is back at it, making some clarifications concerning the allegations that the ‘Took Her To The O' rapper was beefing with NBA YoungBoy. The Texas rapper was on Instagram live addressing the issue.

“I got a song with YoungBoy. Von got a song with YoungBoy. Who the opp?” Asian said in the tape below. “Only opps is you opp ass people in our mothafuckin' , bitch. Back to my mothafuckin' story, bitch.” She later added, “This n***a talkin' 'bout the mothafuckin' opps,” she continued. “That ain't even his opps. Get your clown ass on. You don't even know what the fuck you talkin' 'bout. That's how y'all know you just talkin'. Y'all just makin' up all this shit in y'all mothafuckin' head 'cause that shit sounds good and that shit look good but it ain't that.”

It is to be noted that right before he died, Von was in an interview with Akademiks where he also denied that there was bad blood between him and YB. You can watch Asian Doll's footage below.

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