Lil Baby drops two new tracks with videos, “ON Me” & “Errbody”

Lil Baby Reveals He Won't Be Doing Features Anymore, And Says He Is In "Album Mode"

On his 26th birthday, Lil Baby drops two new songs, including two new visuals: “On me” & “Errybody.”

 Lil Baby is mashing on the gas pedal, again. This time, it’s for his new single, “On Me” and “Errbody.” Based in the vein we’re accustomed to hearing the “Yes Indeed” rapper’s cadence in, he’s as confident as ever for “On Me.” The 4PF founder has found success in not only his own solo releases, but his features have been making their rounds. Right or wrong, people have been comparing his run to 07′ Lil Wayne. Lil Baby stated that he’s been in album mode and he’s ready for his turn again. Check it out below: