Bobby Shmurda may be released from prison in February


Good news for , who may get out of prison earlier than expected

“We hear this every month.” Yep, his circumstances continue to change, but information from Law enforcement lead this race.

Bobby Shmurda was scheduled to be released from prison at the end of the year. That all may change if the native can stay out of trouble.

Bobby can possibly be released as early as February. The Department of Corrections updated the Miami-born rapper's conditional release date to February 23, 2021. This date will be 10 months earlier than his original date of December 2021. Law enforcement informed TMZ of Shmurda's possible early release from 's Clinton Correction Facility. The decision was heavily influenced by Shmurda's behavior and the prison programs he participates in.

This is a total spin from how Bobby's outcome looked in September, when he was originally denied bail.

His release does come with restrictions. He is to remain under parole supervision. If Bobby can stay under the trouble radar, he will be home nearly a year before he serves his full sentence, with an expected departure date of December 11, 2021.

, a fellow member of the crew GS9, was released from prison on December 15 after serving 6 years.

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