Wiz Khalifa reveals title of his next project: ‘Cereal Milk’

Wiz Khalifa reveals title of his next project: 'Cereal Milk'

Wiz Khalifa holds forthcoming Cereal Milk project to a high standard

Wiz Khalifa announces a new project on the way and reveals its title. On Saturday, January 15, he announced via Twitter that his next tape will be titled Cereal Milk. Hyping up the project, the Minot rapper let fans know that they should expect his best tape ever, declaring that it will be better than his previous tapes.

“My next tape is gonna be called Cereal Milk and it’s 100% better than any of your favorite project of mine #CerealMilk,” tweeted Wiz.

At the beginning of the year, the 33-year old rhymer released FUCC 2020 project. Perhaps, the tape was just a warm up for what is to come this year. Stay tuned as we keep updating you on Wiz’s next project.