Bobby Shmurda officially released from prison

Bobby Shmurda officially released from prison

After 7 years, Bobby Shmurda is back home

Brooklyn native, Bobby Shmurda, was released from Clinton Correctional Facility at approximately 8:30 AM. Shmurda will be under community supervision until his full sentence is complete on February 23, 2026.

It’s been a long time coming and the anticipation for Shmurda to come home hasn’t stopped since his 2014 arrest.

 “At approximately 8:30 this morning,  Ackquille Pollard was conditionally released from Clinton Correctional Facility,” NYS DOCCS said in a statement. “Mr. Pollard will be under community supervision in Kings County until he completes his sentence on February 23, 2026.”

Bobby Shmurda was arrested in 2014 and begin serving his prison sentence in 2016. He acccepted a plea deal in 2016 that led to his 7-year sentence, a bit of a far cry from the previous 2026 release.

Shmurda’s single “Bobby Bitch” is officially platinum, as he arrives home to spend time with his family and get back to the music. Leslie Pollard, Shmurda’s mother, informed TMZ that he’ll enjoy an intimate family dinner on the night of his arrival. Most of his time will be devoted to creating more music.