Why physically writing lyrics could help improve songwriting

From time, when an artist “Pens” or have “Penned” a record, that means they wrote the lyrics. In an ever evolving digital world phones and note applications have been used to write lyrics since the Blackberry in 2007.

Most of the greatest rappers have written down their

A study found there are many benefits to physically writing words on paper instead of digitally (app, notes, or keyboard). This would also apply to rhymes and lyrics. When you write your lyrics down, you are thinking about what you are trying to say and easily able to adopt. Additionally, your mind will continue to process that information in the subconscious. Pen & pad has been a long-time documented method for learning and we think it makes total sense to utilize this with something you are passionate about: rapping, making music or documenting your ideas.

Travis Scott writing lyrics

Another benefit to writing your lyrics out is, you memorize and retain your lyrics more which will lead to better shows and performances. Since you’re writing your lyrics down, each letter at a time, you’re registering it in your brain and also thinking about your lyrics bringing more meaning to your words.

We are firm believers in the value of physical notebooks for writing rhymes and lyrics, documenting ideas and recording information. Not only for lifestyle day-to-day living, but for when you are in the midst of research and development too. In a digital world we believe pen and paper will never go out of style.

This is one of the reasons we designed this RHYMEBOOK to be the ultimate lyrics and rhymes journal. The tactile experience can’t be beat, and that alone will help you improve your craft.

Eminem writing lyrics

Hip-Hop Fact: Eminem once lost a notebook full of lyrics and a picture of Britney Spears on the cover

If you use a phone or computer to write lyrics, keep doing that but we would recommend trying to write lyrics down on a RHYMEBOOK to mix up your neurological pathways and improve your writing with a different tool.

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