Juice Wrld’s Photographer (Chris Long) Opens Up About the Rapper’s Passing: “J did not swallow a bunch of pills because the police were at the airport”

It’s been over a year since we lost Juice Wrld, but more details about his tragic demise are still coming out.

Chris Long, Juice’s former photographer, claims that the Chicago rapper did not take all the pills he had because of the police who were at the airport.

On Tuesday, May 11, Mr. Long took to Twitter to post a series of tweets, expressing how the passing of his client and friend has affected him over time. He also shared details about the “Lucid Dreams” hit maker’s last moments. “J did not swallow a bunch of pills because the police were at the airport.” Long wrote. “We gave no fucks about them being there. He could have flushed them down the toilet if he cared.”

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The photographer also revealed that the late rapper was secretive about how many pills he took. “… I tested every batch he got, but no one knew how much he really took because he was hiding it.” He recalled. “Once max and I really started counting how much he had and how fast he went through them.”

In another tweet, Long confirmed Lil Bibby’s account that Juice was set to go to rehab right before he died. “J was supposed to go to rehab that month. We tried so hard to do positive things every day like ride dirt bikes or paintball to keep busy and not do pills but every night once he hit the studio that was it. He loved it.”

He also added that everyone around J tried to get him to slow down on the pills, but Juice died before he could do something about it. “…Everyone around him tried really hard to get him to slow down. When he agreed to rehab it was because he wanted to lower his tolerance. He didn’t want to stop.”

Peep some of the tweets below: