Polo G Confirms his Next Album ‘Hall of Fame’ is Finished


's next album is complete

In a recent interview, the platinum rapper revealed that his next album, Hall of Fame is already finished. After he was asked about the plans he's currently working on, he replied, “I ain't working on nothing currently, my album is finished.”

The “DND” rapper also confirmed this on , after retweeting a tweet from his fan page making the announcement, with a quote to authenticate the claims. “Polo G confirms that his next album, Hall Of Fame is finished ?,” tweeted the fan page before Capalot retweeted with a hundred and a percentage emoji.

Polo released his chart-topping single “RAPSTAR” last month that has been performing very well on . The track is lifted from the upcoming HOF album. Its popularity hasn't faded away yet as it is back to number one, on US YouTube songs chart with 6.2 million streams this week.

The Hall of Fame doesn't have an official release date yet, but we will bring you updates about it as they come out.

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