XXXTentacion’s Half-brother Filing a Lawsuit Against the Late Artist’s Mother for Allegedly Hiding Funds


's estate continues to face lawsuits

XXXTentacion's half-brother, Corey

Pack, filed a lawsuit last week, against late rapper XXXTentacion's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, for allegedly creating multiple companies and holdings to illegally draw money from the estate, NBC Miami reports.

“The fraudulent transfer complaint seeks to recover assets being transferred from the probate estate by XXX's mother, Cleo Bernard, in order to deprive our client Corey Pack, of a recovery, if he's successful in his efforts to secure his inheritance rights either under his late brother's trust or will,” Pack's attorney Robert Stok said regarding the dispute.

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The lawsuit also states that Pack, along with another brother of X's, are entitled to 25 percent of the deceased rapper's estate, which is estimated to be over $50 million. X's mother, Cleo, is entitled to 50 percent.

A similar dispute occurred last June after Pack's mother, Jodi Kavney, sued Cleo of the same offense – illegally channeling money to her own possession, TMZ reported at the time. Cleo denied the accusations but Jodi claimed that a deal involving the mother of X's son was designed to push Pack out of the estate.

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