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Prince Whipper Whip was the first Latino rapper

James Whipper II, more famously known as , became the first Puerto Rican/Latino rapper when he joined the Mighty Force Crew in the late 1970s as their MC while fellow Peurto Rican, DJ Disco Wiz (The First Latino DJ) was the DJ.

In 1978, Prince Whipper Whip would become an original member of the Cold Crush Brothers with fellow Peurto Rican, DJ Charlie Chase and then eventually join DJ Grandwizard Theodore & the Fantastic Five (also known as the Fantastic Romantic 5, and the Fantastic Freaks) with fellow Peurto Rican, Ruby Dee (Rubin Garcia).

Though neither groups nor Whipper Whip released an album, Prince Whipper Whip was a pioneer for Latino rappers, he was even featured battling in the first Hip-Hop movie ‘Wild Style‘ in 1982.

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