Jackboy Starts a GoFundMe to Build a Hospital in Haiti and Grabba Leaf Makes a Donation


had also joined earlier in the month 

Florida rapper Jackboy has started a GoFundMe to facilitate his plans to build a hospital in Haiti, and the Tobacco company lends their hand by donating $20k. On Saturday night (September 25), Jackboy confirmed the donation on his Instagram story. 

The rapper recently shared his devastation on Instagram after visiting Haiti following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the Carribean country in August. Jack found out hospitalized patients are sleeping out in the cold and this prompted him to do something. 

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“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti & all the patients sleeping outside,” he wrote. “I personally handed every single last 1 of them a[n] envelope full of money, but fr fr I feel like that ain't enough…Who want[s] to go half with me & get a hospital built? It's not really that much, especially if we using dollars.”

Shortly after, Jack shared a screenshot of a conversation between him and Lil Baby who wrote “I'm in,” in response to Jack's call for help to build the hospital. 

Jackboy also has a song out titled “Where I'm From,” which is dedicated to Haitians. You can watch the video shot in Haiti below.

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