Alicia Keys is now an independent artist after fulfilling contractual obligations at Sony Music

Alicia Keys was congratulated by Jay-Z and her husband Swizz Beatz

R&B icon Alicia Keys is now an independent artist after fulfilling her contractual obligations during her 20-year stay at Sony Music. During a recent Genius Twitter space chat where Jay-Z was present, Keys revealed that her new album, KEYS, is her last major label release.

“I’m so excited because KEYS is actually the last album I have on a major label,” she revealed. Hov, upon hearing Key’s good news, expressed his excitement for the singer.

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“Congratulations, first of all, that’s an accomplishment,” Jay stated. “The fact that you were signed to a label for twenty years is an amazing thing in itself, but the fact that you were able to complete your contract, not many people have been afforded that. That rarely happens for someone to maintain relevance through a contact like that.”

Swizz Beatz also took to Instagram to congratulate his multi-platinum wife. “Congrats my Love this is Big Big Big News and you deserve it to the MAX! 20yrs of greatness !” he captioned Key’s photo. “Groundbreaking and unforgettable moments ! I love that you have this freedom at this time in your life it’s rare!!!! Life begins now and this KEYS album is a true masterpiece that’s Raw uncut and no fake hype!!”

He added, “thank you to everyone that supported since day one and those who now support ! @aliciakeys is just getting started let’s go [crown emojis] Shout out to all the independent woman around the world !!!!”

Keys, 40, signed to Sonny Music in 2001 and has managed to bless the universe with a number of No. 1 albums and singles. Throughout her over two-decade long career, the singer has had a successful run with four of her five initial albums topping the Billboard 200. In 2020, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) named her the most certified R&B singer of the millennium. She has 20 million certified albums and 27.5 million singles under her belt.