KRS-One Threw PM Dawn Off Stage

Experimental emo-rap group PM Dawn tried to mince words with KRS-One and it led to a memorable incident back on December 26, 1993. The rapper didn’t like a question posed by a member of PM Dawn.

“KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?”

This didn’t sit well with the Bronx battle rapper. KRS-One showed up at the Sound Factory that night and showed them what he was teaching. According to Kid Capri and others, KRS hopped on stage and tossed Prince Be off.

The scuffle would be referenced in song and become a part of KRS’One’s long list of rap beef.

Sadly, Prince Be aka Attrell Cordes passed away from complications of kidney failure and diabetes in 2016. His sound was wildly popular in the late ’80s. KRS went on to make hit records with Diddy, Kanye West, and others.